Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume

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Help Wanted: Apply to the North Pole Once upon a time, many, many centuries ago, Santa Claus worked on his own in a small workshop at the top of the world. His magic let him create enough toys to bring to all the children who believed in him on the night of Christmas Eve. As populations got bigger and more and more children heard the enchanting tale of Saint Nicholas, Santa’s magic was beginning to get strained. He needed help to make all of those presents! Who could he turn to? The reindeer were his faithful companions, but their hooves weren’t very good at holding paintbrushes and wrapping presents. Fortunately, a tribe of elves was happy to step up and lend a hand. Now Kris Kringle’s merry band of helpers is just as famous as he is! Product Details Are you up for the challenge of helping to make Christmas magical? Wear this exclusive Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume! The knee-length green dress has elbow-length sleeves and a red collar trimmed with small white pom-poms. Matching pom-poms decorate the red and green handkerchief-style hemline. The foam shoe covers attach under your feet with elastic bands and have cute curled toes just like real elves’ shoes. They’ll look perfect with your favorite pair of festive leggings. For extra realism, slip on the included elf hat with its long green crown and oversized white pom-pom! The Most Magical Time of the YearSanta needs you this Christmas season! Dress in this festive outfit and you’ll spread holiday magic wherever you go.

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