Girls Santa’s Little Helper Costume

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Christmas elves work hard. Their work is endless. You know all those candy canes you use every year? You hang them on your tree, stir up hot cocoa, and top off stockings and presents with the simple candy hooks. Well, Christmas elves have to twist every single one of them by hand! That’s right, it’s a lot of work but lucky for them, the harder they work, the happier they are. Don’t tell the dwarves we told you this but the elves are actually the ones who came up with the “whistle while you work” motto. Although, in the North Pole it’s more like “carol while you work”. If you sent your child to work at the North Pole, done of us could be sure what her job would be. If we were her, we’d stay out of the woodshop, clean up can be a real challenge there by the time you roll into the New Year. We’ve heard there are new openings on the gift-wrapping range. That can be a pretty interesting gig. She could take part in chocolate dipping, trimming books and cards with gold, and painting faces on dolls. She’ll have to work hard like the rest of the elves but she’s sure to find a job that she wants to do! Whatever job she ends up doing, she’ll look right at home in this playful elf dress. She’ll have a knee-length green skirt with a red border on the front side of the hem. The top is a cheerful red with fabric gold buttons and a pointed green jester collar. The waist is accented with a gold and brown faux belt and apron that says, “Santa’s Little Helper”. So, let’s hope your little elf is ready for some hard work, Christmas is right around the corner!

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