Girl’s Sea Witch Costume

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Quite a Voice! Does your tyke have a penchant for testing the limits of their singing skills? Sure, it might not always sound like the sweet songs of the sirens. Maybe they prefer to yammer, stutter, or just love small talk. Perhaps their singing is a bit more like yelling, screaming, or endlessly repeating the same thing over and over until you just can’t shake it out of your mind. Really, is that so different from some of the catchy tunes that stick with us for days on end? We suspect that the sonic skills of kiddos might be just a little bit magical. They love to chatter, chant, and chirp. They’ll prattle and babble, warble and whine, hum and occasionally even harmonize. (How they do that with themselves is a wonder to behold!) Whether you like it, love it, or have a few other feelings about their endless energy for calling upon their inner muse, we know that you definitely love watching the fun they have while they’re at it! Fun DetailsThat’s why we’re happy to offer your sweetest siren this Sea Witch costume. This adorable dress features velour and satin in a blue and dark purple ombre effect. The overlay is a black satin that looks like a set of tentacles drifting in the sea. The elastic waistband keeps the dress secure while the crown gives your little songstress the royal treatment. It fits with elastic and has a seashell design throughout. All your kiddo needs next is a stage to command attention! Sing for SweetsYour little one might have several sweet things to sing about when they are wearing this Sea Witch costume. Whether they plan on ruling the waves, mastering magic, or just want to show off their pretty voice, this look will help them channel it all.

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