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The Amazing Spider-Gwen!Just about every superhero out there needs to worry about balancing their heroics with their individual life. That means a secret identity, of course. They can’t risk having every bad guy that has ever had a vendetta knowing where they like to kick up their heels. That’s where they keep their stuff! Plus, there is the whole concern about keeping your loved ones safe. You don’t want visitors like the Green Goblin showing up and ruining the lives of your friends and family. (That’s especially true when you are the parent of a superhero kiddo!) Such is the tale of the spider heroine from Earth-65. There, Gwen Stacy got the powers from the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Unfortunately, she went with the name Spider-Gwen which made it a little easier for the baddies to figure out who she was. Various other names came through later. (Ghost Spider, for example.) But, no matter what name we’re calling her, Gwen Stacy’s spiderific heroics are almost as awesome as her costume. Product DetailsBring Spider-Gwen through the dimensional portal to give a little splash of color and style to the Spider-verse with this costume. No web-slinging required when your kiddo is rocking the pink, black, and white of this officially licensed Spider-Gwen look. The jumpsuit is designed after her Enter the Spider-verse look, including the pull-up hood that is lined with the pink and white spiderweb. A foam mask secures your kiddo’s secret identity… (and unless your tyke is also named Gwen, it’ll be pretty effective, we think). A Glorious Visitor from Earth-65The multiple universes of the Spider-verse aren’t all made the same. Spider-Gwen’s world has a bunch of our favorite heroes on the wrong side and our world lacks a Gwen Stacy. Time to fix them both by offering your tyke this Spider-Gwen costume.

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