Girl’s Super Villains Joker Costume

220,00 kr.

Color: Black/Orange/Purple
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc
Network: Commission Junction

Til butik


Why So Serious? Lighten up, everyone! The Joker is here to cause mischief and mayhem and to generally turn Gotham City topsy-turvy. This Joker has a slightly different origin story than the one you’ve heard about. She’s too smart to fall into a vat of chemicals that could turn her insane (although she’s already delightfully batty!) Her escapades are less murdery and more about fooling the authorities in the name of fun. Even Batman can’t help but be impressed by her daring tricks and cunning ways. She might fool you once…or twice…or three times…but she’ll leave you with a smile on your face!Product DetailsLife’s a laugh riot when you wear this officially licensed Super Villains Joker Costume for Girls! The Joker has never looked so good. This deviously cute dress has a bodice styled to resemble a three-piece suit, with a purple “blazer” trimmed in black, a green collar adorned with a narrow black ribbon bow tie, and an orange vest with three buttons. The blazer’s collar is edged in sparkly black, and a yellow flower is pinned to the lapel. (Don’t get too close! It might be a trick!) The purple skirt ends just above the knees and is overlaid with deep purple tulle that is printed with yellow “HA HA” graphics – perfect for the master of laughter! Black fingerless gloves complete the look and keep your hands clean while you dabble in crime. To Trap a Bat Halloween night is the perfect night to plan a caper. Batman will quickly find out that he has met his match in you!

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