Girl’s Toddler Nightmare Before Christmas Shock Costume

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Got Your WishTo say you’re delighted by the spookier parts of Halloween would be an understatement. You go all out for the holiday. Your yard and home always transform to look like a scene from Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course, that means you get to join in the fun.So, when you welcomed your child home, your fondest wish was they’d grow to at least tolerate your Halloween love. They did you one better! Your little one showed interest in the décor, the characters, and even the movie! No indifference or even fear crossed their face. And you felt like the Pumpkin King himself finding Christmas Town for the first time!Fun DetailsWelcome your kiddo into your Halloween world when you order our officially licensed Disney Shock costume! The ensemble starts with a spooky-cute long-sleeved mauve dress with pointed black trim along the neckline and hem. Paired with a set of black leggings the knee-length dress doesn’t leave your little one’s legs exposed to October’s chill.The accompanying hat is shaped with wire and fiberfill to give it its signature bend. Blue wired yarn is attached to the inner seam of the hat to create the appearance of Shock’s stringy hair topping your little one’s head. An included Shock mask completes the Made By Us costume. Then your kiddo can embrace the spirited holiday as a member of Halloween Town’s trick-or-treat trio!

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