Girl’s Toddler Peace & Love Hippie Costume

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Times are pretty stressful these days. You’re obviously familiar with it, yourself, as you work hard and come home only to find more work waiting for you. But, our kiddos aren’t having a much easier time. They have a ton of homework all the time. Even in the summers, people are already starting to plan their day. And now they can barely even sit back and listen to some good music without it being interrupted by a weird combination of commercials that they don’t care about and political issues that they shouldn’t even need to worry themselves over!We all constantly dream of simpler days when all the crazy was a little less in our faces, so we can imagine that they do, too. Sad thing is that they don’t have as much to look back on. Their times have kind of always been hectic. With the ready availability of cell phone signal and the intrusive nature of the insidious ads out there, now, it is hard to find a time that we can just run out and enjoy a little low-tech circle-running. But, there can be an answer. Finding the right time is just the solution we need… and we recommend that time be the 1960s!Just think: that little tyke of yours probably already loves bring colors and the basic ideas of peace and love. So, a bit of tie-dyed colors, flowers, and a cheerful peace sign is already right up their alley. Make those dreams come true with this Toddler Peace & Love Hippie costume! The faux suede minidress has a V-neck and bell sleeves you’re your kiddo is going to love as well as prints of hearts and peace signs everywhere… and even more fringe. The headband is a similar fabric which can be tied up however you think is the most fun. Available in multiple sizes in case you’d like the whole family to celebrate the fun together.

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