Girl’s Toy Soldier Costume Dress

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Seasonal SelectionDo you decorate your house for the holiday season? If you do, do you have a favorite theme? Some people love snowmen more than anything. Others love to put figures of Santa Claus all over their houses. Or maybe you like to see penguins everywhere you look! These are all great options, but we have a bit of a soft spot for nutcrackers, too. We’re not really sure why they’re usually dressed like soldiers, but we think there’s something about them that just feels classic. And of course, The Nutcracker ballet has helped to make them a symbol of the season-even if they can’t actually open any chestnuts!Design and DetailsYour little one can be the hero who helps to defeat the Mouse King with this gorgeous Toy Soldier Costume. This dress was Made By Us so your child can have an outfit that will help them feel the holiday spirit anytime they want! The red and blue dress features adorable ruffles on the cuffs and skirt, along with matching gold epaulets, trim, and buttons. The chest straps and belt add fun detail to the outfit, and the traditional hat finishes everything off with a fluffy white feather. Your child will have a great time parading around in this delightful costume-but we do have to caution them against trying to crack nuts with their teeth!

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