Girls Vampire Costume

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Something of a ChangeLately, you’ve been feeling a little restless. It’s been hard to go to sleep at bedtime, and everything with garlic tastes pretty icky! Weird. Actually, it’s not all that weird: it sounds like your something of a vampire! Don’t worry, embrace it. These things happen to a few lucky little girls, and all they need is their parents’ permission to make the most of it.Since it seems like all the other characteristics are coming to you naturally, now you need to cultivate the mysterious look for when your full transformation happens! The first step: wearing this Girls Vampire Dress, of course. Now, at the swipe of your cape, you can take flight or lose yourself in the shadows. Definitely keep away from that garlic now, though. And you might want to fix your sleep schedule.FUN DETAILSWe know you caught a glimpse of yourself in your little vampiric crystal ball, and you were wearing this luxe long red satin and black dress. It zips at the back, and its satin-covered foam collar fastens to the shoulders with Hook and Loop fastener. Zip it up, slap on that Hook and Loop fastener, and you’ll be Vampire ready! Well, more than you already are.Who Are You, Anyway?The look will work great whether, after this transformation of yours, you’re feeling like a wicked witch, sensitive seer, or dark sorceress. Or a vampire of course! Just be sure to save your magic for those who truly deserve to see it! We’re talking your parents, friends, family, pets. Show them all the cool things you can do: flying, staying up so late, and cooking tasty treats with no garlic in them! Just be sure you do what your parents tell you, even if you can all of a sudden pick them up with a flick of your wrist.

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