Girls Wicket Dress Star Wars Costume

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Til butik

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Why should boys have all the fun when it comes to toppling the Empire in devastating fashion on the forest moon of Endor? Your little girl has wanted to join the fight for the Rebellion forever, and we think it’s about time for her to help build traps, tricks, and snares to help bring down the AT-ST’s, speeder bikes, and legions of Stormtroopers.And now she totally can! With this Star Wars Wicket Girls Dress, your little one can join the rest of the Ewoks in defending their home from invasion by the Galactic Empire. She’ll certainly look the part of a tiny forest bear/person, and she’s already pretty good at leaving stuff around that house you are always tripping over and hurting yourself on–so surely she’ll be just as effective against actual forces of evil. And on top of it all, she will finally get to throw down with the Rebellion, joining the great General Leia Organa and her sidekicks, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker to help with all of their courageous efforts.This dress–complete with dark faux fur and brown faux suede coloration–is perfect for blending into the woods for sneak attacks. And included with the dress is a decoratively stitched hood (as per Ewok fashion) and arm warmers to help complete the forest critter appearance. This officially licensed costume is perfect for helping your little warrior join the good guys to assist in toppling the evil Empire and its grand designs.

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