Girls Yellow Beauty Costume

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Princess Past TimesFairy tales are a delight. There are balls, horse-drawn carriages, over-the-top adventures, and, of course, a few gorgeous outfits that make girls young and old dream of having more ruffles in their wardrobe. But what happens behind the scenes in these fairytales. We want to see the princesses behind the scenes. We want to see Cinderella gossiping with the mice as she takes a break from mopping the stairs. We want to see Snow White arm wrestling a dwarf for the last slice of pie. And we’d love to see the Little Mermaid having a diving contest with her sisters. It’s the little things we don’t get to see in the movies that bring our minds back to fairy tales again and again. Want to get the inside scoop on princess past times? Why not invite your own little princess into your home and watch as royal mysteries unfold.Fun DetailsThis costume will make any little one feel like they’re at a ball as soon as the Yellow Beauty Gown is pulled over their head. Combining comfort and style, this gown has an elastic waist to make it fun to wear around the house as well as at costume parties. The yellow dress is detailed with gold patterned fabric throughout. A fancy neckline decked in rosettes, a panel on the bodice, as well the layers of tulle on the twirl ready skirt add to the royal appeal. Princesses can pull this gown on, themselves, no fasteners or buttons to worry about, so that this dress is a great choice to add to your playtime costume wardrobe!Happily Ever AfterYour kiddo might be looking forward to dressing up as a princess for Halloween but what happens after? This year you can make sure the magic doesn’t stop. Great for tea parties and living room balls, this dress is sure to bring more fairy tale fun to your home, this year!

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