Glamour Witch Costume for Girls

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WITCHES: A MAGICAL SENSE OF STYLE Witches have always had good style, in our opinion. They aren’t worried about the trends of the times. They know what they want to wear, and it suits them! Anyone else wearing a witches outfit would look silly. What if we wore that to the office one day? Well, actually, that wouldn’t be very weird considering we sell tons of costumes, it happens more often than you think…But what if your accountant was wearing this? It doesn’t really fit, does it? There’s no mystery in accounting, it’s all just numbers! This ensemble needs to belong to someone whose life is filled with mystery and adventure. Someone wise and strong and ready to live boldly! Will that be you? Can you live up to those expectations and pull off this glamorous costume? It’s not just a costume, it’s a fashion statement, saying who you are and what kind of life you aim to lead! FUN DETAILS While we might not be able to use magic, but we sure know how to make a stylish costume! The dress is the darkest black we could find, with light purple accents. The belt around the waist is purple and the ends drape down, giving it an effortlessly stylish appearance. The sleeves grow wide towards the end and add to the mystery of this witch. The collar is also purple, leaving this costume’s color scheme on point! And we almost forgot about the hat! The hat is the classic cone style witches love and has a purple band around the bottom. WITCH: A FASHION ICONWhen you become a witch/fashion icon, just don’t forget to tell them where you got your look. When people ask “Where did you get this stylish ensemble?”, you’ll say: “I’m wearing FUN.”

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