Glitter Witch Girls Costume

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Which Witch?Now, who says that witches can’t be cute? We’re pretty sure that idea is some crap spread by the media so they always have a villain to pin stuff on. They want their villains to be scary or gross. They want their villains to look evil and always be bad. Well, we’ve got a news flash for you. Not all witches look like scary old hags. As a matter of fact, some of them are quite pretty. They have fancy gowns with gems in bright colors. They have beautiful wands and crowns and all sorts of animal friends. They could make fabric out of sunsets and stardust, or conjure rainbow wings (what? They are witches). What we’re getting at is that witches can look however they want. They do have magic after all. Sure, some witches choose to look old and scary, but that’s their choice. Some witches? Some witches are happy to be beautiful. Fun DetailsFor instance, many of the younger witches have quite the sense of style. You may see one wearing something like this Glitter Witch Costume. This costume has a pullover tank dress with the skirt made of three tiers of sequinned tulle. The neckline of the dress has ruffled tulle with sequinned moon and stars, and the belt has a shiny silver colored belt buckle. This costume also comes with the iconic conical hat, complete with tulle ruffle and wire in the brim for shaping. Fingerless gloves are also included, with more tulle ruffling along the top cuff. All the classic elements for a witch, but now with some swank and sparkle.Fancy WitchesSee? Pretty adorable, right? We told you: it’s totally possible for a witch to be cute. We’re pretty sure they just aren’t very well known about because these witches aren’t bent on villainous acts or stealing the spotlight. They’re pretty and good. You remember that the next time the media tries to convince you otherwise!

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