Glow in the Dark Thru the Wall Skeleton Indoor Decoration

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Rise and GlowAh! You can smell the spookiness in the air. The best time of year is getting closer and closer. That’s right, we are of course talking about the one, the only, Halloween. It’s time to start carving your jack-o-lanterns. You need to pick out the perfect costume for that lovely night of frightful festivities. Don’t forget to transform your humble abode into a warm and welcoming house of horrors. This Glow in the Dark Skeleton decoration will be a fine addition to your home.Make it look like the property’s dark past is coming back to life. It will pair perfectly with many of our other indoor skeleton and graveyard decorations.. Of course, the dead rising from an unmarked grave is just as creepy, if not creepier. It’s like a haunting secret rising from the dead.Why does the glowing skeleton rise? Maybe he is seeking revenge, or maybe he just wants to party with everyone else. We may never know! However, we do know that this decoration is an absolute essential for Halloween!Product DetailsThis decoration will a spooky glow to any room! The decoration is recommended for indoor use, and comes with a molded plastic pieces that really glow in the dark. The skull is around 8″ tall and comes with two matching hands. You can hang this skeleton decoration easily on your wall with a nail or tack to transform your home into a haunted graveyard scene!

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