Glow Skeleton Men’s Morphsuit Costume

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A Light in the DarkSo you and five of your best friends have rented a cabin in the woods together for an epic weekend of hanging out, relaxing, partying, and ignoring all the locals who warn you of a spooky ghost creature in the woods. That doesn’t at all sound like the beginning of a bad horror movie. We’re sure you’ll be fine and everything will go great. But let’s just say maybe you’re the kind of friend who wants to inject a little spooky fun into the weekend. Well, we have got you covered! Throw on this Men’s Glow Skeleton Morphsuit and get to haunting your friends under the cover of darkness.It will be a ton of fun, running around the tree line, freaking them all out with this glow in the dark skeleton. Nobody will know what to make of it except that it might be that terrifying monster the townspeople were trying to warn you all about!Fun DetailsThis outfit is a super fun way to scare and terrorize your friends for a night. Easy to see through, this jumpsuit is glow-in-the-dark and flexible enough to move through the woods quickly. And the best part about this multi-colored morphsuit? We mean, other than the fact that it glows in the dark, obviously-it stretches to fit and can easily hide under your normal clothes (or you can jump in and out quickly with the accessible zipper), so you can rejoin the gang from time to time in order for them to never suspect it’s you freaking them all out!A Word of WarningHave fun throwing a little excitement into your friendly getaway weekend! Just make sure to keep an eye out for that actual spooky ghost creature the townspeople were talking about. We always try to take those warnings seriously.

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