Gnome Costume for Men

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Garden Variety ShowThe annual yard ornament show is truly a sight to behold! All the statues are there. Their metal is polished, their concrete castings repainted. Everyone is ready to have a good time. Of course, the pink flamingoes host the show, spreading their pink wings in an opening rendition of Savage Garden’s Truly, Madly, Deeply. Next, the Kissing Dutch boy and girl come to the stage to do a clogging show. There are dance numbers and solos by all sorts of lawn ornaments from plastic deer to the classic sleeping cowboy silhouette. But the headlining number is always the same guy. The guy that everyone will always stay late for. The charming, disarming, and sometimes alarming Garden Gnome!Details & DesignAre you looking for a costume with real posing potential? This Made by Us Gnome costume looks like it might have jumped right out of your grandma’s garden. It features a bright blue tunic that goes to the hip that’s layered under a faux leather vest and cinched with a matching belt. To really bring that mystical garden creature image home, we topped this costume with a bright red conical hat with attached bushy eyebrows and an elastic beard that’s unmistakably gnomish. Old School Vine VideosGnomes care a lot about their garden so imagine how disappointed they were when they found out what Vine videos were. They thought their zucchinis had finally gone viral! It’s time someone chose to represent the humble garden gnome in modern life. Bring the image home by applying blush to make your cheeks extra rosy and wearing loose neutral toned pants with boots. Posing as a gnome is extra fun. Simply clasp a pipe in your hand or cross your arms and try to look mischevious! While you might look right at home in a bed of flowers, this is no garden variety costume!

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