Gorilla Climbing Skyscraper Adult Inflatable Costume

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Massive MonsterWe’ve seen it before-a giant gorilla holding a distressed damsel in one paw and batting away aircraft with the other. This scene is so iconic that even people who aren’t very familiar with the movie it comes from can recognize it. King Kong is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and audiences have been intimidated by this monstrous ape for generations. We can’t deny that he’s a rather scary figure, but we also love taking the frightening and making it funny. So, if you’re looking for a costume that puts a humorous twist on this classic character, we have something you might like!Product DetailsIf you’re in the market for giggles rather than shrieks this Halloween, try this Gorilla Climbing Skyscraper Inflatable Adult Costume! A giant, hairy gorilla might be a little scary, but an inflatable one holding onto a tower is much less intimidating-and a lot more humorous! However, its face is printed to look like it’s in the middle of roaring, so you know it’s not too friendly. Put on the costume and start the fan to get the fun inflatable effect going. There’s even a space for your face so you can avoid any helicopters out to knock you down! You’re sure to have a great time whenever you wear this awesome costume!

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