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DRESS FOR THE DEITY YOU WANTKids have some surprisingly high ambitions, these days. We all remember when the age-old question of what a kiddo wanted to be when they grew up would result in the same responses that we’d gotten used to. Police officer! Veterinarian! King of Mars! Reverse centaur! You know… the normal stuff. Heck, it sure made it easy to design the right looks to help all our children reach for the stars!But, running around with a horse head, a shiny badge, and some tentacles on a crown isn’t enough for your high reaching kiddo. Somebody took that whole “When someone asks if you are a goddess” thing pretty literally. But, we’ve got to admit, that your divine tyke has a pretty good idea. While we’re not totally sure how to get the reality-shaping powers set into the garment, we’ve got just what a young deity-to-be will need to look the part! FUN DETAILSIt is time to modernize the ancient with this Greek Goddess Girl’s Costume. This sleeveless dress fastens with the divine power of Hook and Loop fastener and features a delightful ombre color pattern that moves from bright cream to luxurious turquoise at the bottom. Golden braid trims and accents the gown while gleaming gold rings support the matching magical drape and an elastic headband of golden leaves crowns your little goddess.THERE’S A NEW GODDESS ON OLYMPUS There’s nothing like the feeling of watching your kiddo succeed in the world. At least, that’s what we thought before we realized that our tykes were reaching for literal mountain peaks! Be ready for your darling to show the ancient gods where they can retire when she steps into this divine greek goddess gown. The only question left will be what realm your little goddess is going to rule. (We’re hoping for a Goddess of Chocolate.) *fingers crossed*

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