Halloween II Michael Myers Coveralls for Men Costume

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Headed home for Halloween? Well, that’s nice! Where do you live again? Haddonfield, Illinois, hmm interesting we used to know someone from that area. He left rather abruptly about fifteen years ago. This is completely unrelated but do you have any siblings? Oh, we’re sorry to hear about your sister. Sure, we’ve got a jumpsuit and a mask for you. That’s an oddly specific request but the customer is always right so we’re not going to judge!But seriously folks, we have some ideas for how to avoid an angry Mike Myers as he’s returning to his hometown. First off, get out of Haddonfield. In fact, get the heck out of Illinois, go sit on a beach somewhere and try to forget about the psycho who’s busy decimating your whole town. Secondly, try beating him at his own game by dressing up as him and hunting him down in his own closet! How does that make Mikey feel? Well, probably confused and disoriented we’re guessing. So, this Halloween, dress up in this jumpsuit. The dark green coverall look gives you costume options. Most people will guess that you’re dressed up as Mike Myers. While fewer people will guess that you’re dressed up to existentially confuse the unhinged psychopath, we think you’ll have fun with this heroic take on the classic green jumpsuit. All you need to complete your look is that instantly recognizable white mask. Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure you’re going to have fun. Just be extra careful if you start hearing piano music, that’s never a good sign!

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