Harlem Globetrotters Uniform Costume for Men

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They’re Just Hatin’They called your style “unorthodox”. They told you that rolling the basketball behind your head along your shoulders isn’t a “legal” move in pro basketball. They told you that your blindfolded hook shot just isn’t practical. The even had the nerve to tell you that you’d never get anywhere in the basketball game by showboating. Well, it’s time to prove all of them wrong. It’s time to shut the haters down. It’s time to become a Harlem Globetrotter!The road to becoming a true Harlem Globetrotter is a difficult one. Of course, if you want to make it in with the Harlem Globetrotters, then you’re going to need plenty of practice. They only accept people with some serious skills on their team, so you need to make sure your game is on point. As always, we’re here to help in the best way we know how… costumes! We can help you get the look down while you work on your moves. This Harlem Globetrotters uniform is exactly what you need to get started.Product DetailsNow you can look your best while you practice all of your trick shots with this officially licensed Harlem Globetrotters costume. The costume comes with a blue top that has the Globetrotters’ logo on the chest. It also has “1” printed on the front to let everyone know that you’re the number one new player on the team. The shorts have a white and red striped pattern that’s quite attention-grabbing (just in case your basketball moves aren’t attention-grabbing enough!).On Your Way to StardomYou can really wow the crowd by getting your skills honed before you head out in this outfit, but even if you don’t quite have the rapid-fire dibble mastered, you can still look just like one of the famous basketball stars from the team with this Harlem Globetrotters costume.

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