Harley Quinn Red Dress Suicide Squad 2 Costume

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Mayhem in a DressHarley Quinn thrives on chaos. It’s why she always finds herself in wild and unpredictable situations. Toss her in the midst of a villain’s evil lair? She’ll be running the show in a matter of minutes. Team her up with a few other oddball ex-con villains? There’s no cosmic force on this planet that will be able to stop them!Of course, Harley also has an impeccable fashion sense, so you can expect her to be conducting all the chaos in style! This Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 2 Red Dress brings you her signature outfit from the movie, making it the perfect outfit for anyone trying to become the classic Batman villain.Product DetailsIf you’re looking to step into the role of the marvelous mistress of mayhem, then this Harley Quinn costume is an easy choice. This costume starts with a pullover-style dress that has uneven layers of sparkling tulle. The top features an elastic halter top strap. The included arm bands fit around your arms to put the finishing touches to the outfit. We recommend pairing these up with your best pair of boots… and maybe a javelin, just in case you need to take out some weird alien that tries to take over the Earth!

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