Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Child Costume

189,00 kr.

Color: Black/Red/White
Material: Polyblend
Condition: new
Brand: Fun costumes
Merchant: Fun.com
Network: Commission Junction

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Hammer Time?Harley Quinn really doesn’t need a watch. For her, every single hour of the day is “hammer time.” Whether it’s teaching the Joker a valuable lesson or battling it out with Batman in Gotham, most of her problems involve using a big mallet. That’s why, no matter where she is, it’s safe to say that she’s toting around her big hammer.If you little girl wants to start going scheduling in some hammer time, then maybe she’s ready to transform into the classic DC character with this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume for kids!Fun DetailsThis officially licensed Harley Quinn costume features a design inspired by The Suicide Squad! The costume starts with a white, pullover shirt that’s made out of a spandex blend material. The front of the shirt has “Harley Quinn” printed on the front. The shirt also has black and red accents to match Harley’s classic style. Finally, the costume comes with 2 faux hair pieces that fit into your child’s hair with clips. When your child has the entire ensemble, they’ll be ready to make every time hammer time… just make sure you pair this costume up with one of our toy hammer accessories!

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