Headless Scientist Kid’s Costume

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Costume ChangeThere comes a Halloween in every child’s life when spooky things eclipse anything cool or cute. Gone, then, are the days of dreaming up elaborate suits of armor, princess dresses, and fearsome dragon costumes for themselves and their siblings. Even the wacky hybrid animal costumes are left simmering in their mind, never to be fully cooked. Because their attention has turned to freaking out their friends. It’s time to play the misunderstood genius and doomed villain. At least for one night of trick-or-treating. And who’s to tell them no? Halloween, after all, is the perfect time to explore the scarier bits of storytelling, and this Child’s Headless Scientist Costume is sure to recount a harrowing story worth telling for Halloweens to come!Product DetailsIndulge your kiddo’s desire to terrify this Halloween season when you bring home this unique children’s costume. The clever ensemble transforms its wearer into a mad scientist that’s clearly been taking on some macabre experiments. A molded plastic armature rests on the wearer’s shoulders and extends false shoulders with a fake bloody neck above their head to start the transformation. Elastic straps attached to the base of the prosthetic help secure it further when lopped under the wearer’s arms. The included white robe can then be pulled over the false shoulders and secured with hook-and-loop closure tape around the wearer’s head, leaving it exposed. Meanwhile, extra-long sleeves allow the wearer to pose their hands for dramatic effect or simply carry their trick-or-treat bucket!More Headless Scientist Costume MadnessTake the Halloween costume madness further with help from our accessories and makeup selections! Fake blood and scary makeup kits are sure to add pretend gore, should your kiddo want a truly frightening look. Meanwhile, from scientist costume props to wigs and classic trick-or-treat bags, our accessories selection is sure to inspire even more inventive costumes!

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