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Halloween Hershey’sWhat’s the best part about Halloween? For some, it’s the chance to spend some time with friends trick or treating. For others, it’s all about coming up with an interesting costume. Those who are a little more tricky like to play tricks, but do you want to know what’s really the best part about Halloween? Take a guess! It’s sweet, it’s wrapped in foil, and you can find it at just about every house on the block. The chocolate. That’s right, the chocolate. The Halloween season is an excuse to gather up the biggest stash of Hershey’s chocolate bars as you can! Is your girl a choco-fanatic? Is Halloweens primarily just a means to acquire stacks of delicious candy bars? Well, how about a costume that sends a not-so-subtle signal to treat-distributors about what her top choice of candy is? This Tween Hershey’s Bar Costume is exactly what she needs!Product DetailsThis Hershey’s Bar Costume Dress gives your girl the look of a candy bar! The dress is a simple, one-shoulder pullover dress that has printed graphics of a Hershey’s wrapper and chocolate bar style printed graphics on the shoulder. The dress has silver accents around the bottom and bustline to give the appearance of foil wrapping. The matching headband fits on your girl’s head and comes with Hershey details and silver details to match the dress!For the Choco-FansIf you need a costume to satisfy the young chocolate fan in your life, then this Tween Hershey’s Bar Costume gives your girl a cute look based on her favorite candy bar. And she might just happen to pick up a few extra milk chocolate bars! It’s just one of our many candy-theme costume dresses, so be sure to check them all out to get a group candy costume going this year!

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