He’s A God Men’s Costume

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Diety DramaIf there’s one thing we know about the ancient gods, they love a bit of drama. Whether it was love or war, they couldn’t help getting involved in mortal trouble. They blessed those that entertained them the most, watching as we humans launched ships and attacked lands simply because the most beautiful woman in the world left her husband. Knowing what we know about the gods, it’s safe to say they love reality television. They no longer need to mettle in our affairs, we broadcast it for all the world to see. That’s nice for everyone in Olympus but we can’t help but feel that we’re missing out. Wouldn’t it be nice if the gods came down and stirred up some good old-fashioned diety drama every once in a while?Costume DetailsThis brilliant gold and white Greek God costume is perfect for making an entrance worthy of Olympus. The costume includes a lightweight toga trimmed in gold. The elastic waistline is disguised with a golden sash. A gold cape is draped over the shoulders so that mortals know that you’re someone important at first glance. Complete with gold gauntlets and a laurel wreath crown, the He’s a God Costume is ready for costume events and toga parties as soon as it arrives.Complete CharacterDo you want to develop your character? Make it obvious what God you’re supposed to be. Don’t forget to accessorize! Going for Bacchus? Nice! You’re going to want a large goblet and some grapes. Zeus? Bring a lightning bolt along. And remember, whatever god you’re dressing up as, just don’t forget to bring the drama!

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