Hildagaard Viking Costume for Tweens

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Conquer the Night This HalloweenThe Vikings were known to be some of the most fearsome warriors on the battlefield as well as great explorers of the seas and foreign lands. To be a Viking is to be a conqueror, which basically means a winner! Every land far and wide knew of the Vikings and their many accomplishments, they were definitely a people that other nations wanted as allies rather than foes. Trust us, the last thing you want to wake up to in the morning is an army of Vikings outside your home… it’s not a delightful sight.What will be a delightful sight is your tween dressed up in our Hildagaard Viking Costume! She’ll be the fiercest warrior in the neighborhood. So one of the awesome perks that go along with that is you won’t have to worry about any werewolves, vampires, or any other kind of monsters breaking into your house this Halloween.A Dress Fit for a WarriorThe skirt of this costume dress is decorated with overlays of glitter-spangled knit mesh as well as metallic knit (because who doesn’t like something shiny). The dress also has a fashionable wide faux fur collar which also adds to the whole ‘fierce warrior’ vibe. Beyond the dress, this costume also comes with a pair of arm and leg warmers. No need to worry about your little Viking getting the chills while she’s out conquering the neighborhood this Halloween, her arms and legs will be kept perfectly warm.Be Sure to Arm Your VikingOnce she tosses on this costume, she’ll be slashing down zombies left and right. She’ll put the hammer down on any wicked witches or wizards. Any destructive dinosaurs that wonder to close to home will be re-extincted after she’s done with ’em!… However, she will need to be properly equipped in order to do any of that. So do feel free to take a look through our selection of Viking accessories!

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