Honey Bunny Toddlers Costume

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Bunnies Are a Girl’s Best FriendThis morning in the flower garden, we spotted whiskers and a fluffly little cottontail. Could it be the Easter Bunny? No, it’s too late in the year. Is it a Jackalope? Nope, no antlers. It must be…a Honey Bunny, the sweetest of all rabbits! Bunnies are an animal that everyone automatically adores. Cat fans often think that dogs are too big and drooly. Dog aficionados may say that cats are evil (and they have a point, but cats are funny evil. This makes them ok housemates). Regardless of their differences, all animal lovers admit that a bunny is the best!If your little one loves bunnies, she’ll be thrilled to dress up as the prettiest, cuddliest bunny in the world. In fact, we bet that she has all of the necessary bunny traits: A happy, snuggly personality, a hippity-hoppity skip, and a love for Mother Nature and the great outdoors. Even grumpy old Farmer McGregor would smile to see this little sweetheart in the garden! Even better, maybe wearing a rabbit outfit will convince her to eat her vegetables.Product DescriptionGet ready for delighted smiles and “awws” when your little girl wears her Toddler Honey Bunny costume! The soft, shiny leotard has puffy sleeves and an adorable white belly. The skirt is made of pink and grey tulle over a grey lining – perfect for hopping and twirling on her way to the lettuce patch! A darling trio of roses is sewn to the left side of the skirt’s elastic waistband. Of course, every bunny needs a pair of twitchy, floppy ears. You bunny’s grey and white ears are attached to a grey headband so that they stay firmly in place on your little one’s head, even when she ducks into her rabbit warren (or blanket fort). The ears are accented with a cluster of pink flowers.Move Over, Peter RabbitIt will be cuteness overload when your see your toddler in her Honey Bunny outfit! No doubt about it, she’ll get an extra helping of bread, milk, and blackberries when she sits down to dinner with Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail.

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