Hooded Huntress Costume for Girls

189,00 kr.

Til butik



THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDINARY GIRL SCOUTSThere have long been rumors of the secret society of the Huntresses. Little knowledge can actually be gained about these enigmatic gals from across the world. We’ve tried, but they are good at keeping themselves hidden from mainstream view. After several attempts to learn more about their mysterious ways, we finally managed to get one of them to give up the goods.Turns out that girls everywhere, just like your gal, have some pretty impressive talents just waiting to be set free. We’re talking some serious wilderness survival skills, accuracy with a hunting bow better than anything a scope can offer, and all of it blended together with a style that makes the Renaissance goers only wish they could put together a look as impossibly rugged and refined! Add the final step in the hip-length velvet cape with the same gold braided edging and the mystery is complete!FUN DETAILSWell, we’re never going to have any luck in joining up with the Huntresses, but your kiddo might have just the stuff to make it all the way. The first step, of course, is looking the part. At least, there, we can give a hand with this Hooded Huntress Girl’s Costume. That includes this amazing sleeveless tunic with an elastic fit waist and laced up front. The faux suede shoulder sash and belt make a perfect accent to the gray, though the shining gold eagle and filigree designs shift the look from pure rugged hunter to refined mistress as well! AIM FOR PERFECTION AND SHE’LL HIT HER MARKThey say that practice makes perfect, so we have no doubt that your kiddo is going to make a perfect member of the secret Huntresses. Make sure that she has a fine bow to work with because there is nothing more impressive than a hooded hunter with flawless aim.

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