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Laughter Is the Best MedicineHuman beings don’t just have one kind of laugh – we have hundreds! Think about the variety of chuckles you use in one day at work. There’s the hollow laugh you give your boss, the one that says “That was a lame joke, but I’m going to pretend that it’s hilarious so that you don’t fire me.” Equally well-known is the polite chuckle you give your coworker who shows you 37 identical pictures of her baby smearing birthday cake all over her face. Another oldie-but-goodie is the suppressed snort you give when you’re scrolling social media during a meeting and find a great meme. The best laugh, of course, is the one you share with your work friend whose facial expressions alone are enough to set you cackling like mad!Hyenas do one better than us – their laughs tell other hyenas their social status! Imagine if your giggle told the world “I’m an amazing rock star of a person with limitless potential” (because of course you are). Maybe we can’t do that, but when you channel those furry laughers, you’ll show everyone that you’re one heck of a party animal!Product DescriptionGet ready for a howling good time when you wear your Adult’s Plus Size Hyena Costume! The long-sleeved tan bodysuit has a white underbelly printed on the front and a zipper up the back for easy dressing. Brown spots speckle the front and back of the arms and legs. A hilariously cute stubby tail is attached to the bodysuit’s seat. Add the matching headpiece for even more fun! The headpiece has eyes and nose features attached above the opening for your face. Ears are sewn to either side of the head, and a brown ridge of “fur” runs down the back of the headpiece from the center top to the center bottom. The headpiece fastens under the chin.Loads of Laughs Show off your wild sense of humor and delight your friends in this Adult’s Plus Size Hyena Costume! Go ahead and tell your best jokes – you’ll have everyone laughing along with you in no time!

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