Ida B. Wells Costume for Girls

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Terrific TrailblazerAnyone can notice injustice and dream of having a better world. It takes a person with a courageous heart and a fighting spirit to work to make a change and become a force for good. Ida B. Wells’ passion for the truth and her desire to help her people helped her to stand up for the voiceless and secured her place in history. She touched not only her friends’ lives but the lives of future generations.Product DetailsEmulate your favorite historical hero when you wear your Girl’s Ida B. Wells Costume Dress! The long dress fastens at the back of the stand-up collar and is made of deep blue polyester jersey knit fabric. An elastic waistband gives the old-fashioned dress some newfangled comfort. The center of the bodice is decorated with columns of pleated black ribbon. The wide blue belt fastens at the back and can be adjusted for length. Pair it with your favorite hat, a set of buttoned heels, and don’t forget plenty of paper for note-taking! You never know when you’ll stumble on an incredible story. Pen, Paper, Freedom Whoever first said that the pen is mightier than the sword knew what they were talking about! With words written in ink, Ida B. Wells helped to create an entire movement that sought justice and equal rights for all. Her commitment to speaking out despite lots of attempts to silence her proves that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear long gowns, button-up boots, and carry a notebook full of incredible ideas!

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