Inflatable 4 Foot Crashing Witch on a Tree Halloween Decoration

220,00 kr.

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Either Witch WayWe’re here in an official capacity to tell you the truth: Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Of course, we love a good haunted house or horror film marathon as much as anyone, but Halloween is also a great occasion for your funniest pranks, most hilarious costumes, and silliest decor. Take this Inflatable Crashing Witch on a Tree Decoration, for instance. Sure, witches have their eerie element, but this thing is just downright funny. Even if all of the other pieces you pick this year are meant to make revelers scream, we think you’ll love how this witch adds a bit of humor to your Halloween!Product DetailsThis green-faced witch loses a bit of her wickedness as a result of this goof up. Her face is dazed and her body is distorted in a perfect position to secure to a tree outside your home, using the included ties. She’s wearing classic purple and black striped tights and curled-toe witch shoes, as well as the iconic witch’s hat. The broom end sticks out in the back. Simply zip this inflatable up, plug it in, then take it outside-no spells required. Trust us, she’ll be an instant hit this Halloween!

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