Inflatable Adult Chicken Costume

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Chicken Impossible A feathered head peeks out the back of a farm truck. You look both ways before hopping over the tailgate and fluttering to the ground, where you waste no time darting down a dark alley. In the distance, you see the truck’s destination – and it’s finger-lickin’ good! How could you have anticipated this when you got dressed earlier this evening for a party? How could you have known that a chicken farmer would have spied you and, fooled by your incredible costume, decided that you were the perfect main course for Colonel Sanders to serve? What a narrow escape from certain danger, and what a daring self-rescue! And if you can only make it back to your costume party before another farmer spots you, you’ll be like a feathered Ethan Hunt!Product DetailsHave everyone saying, “Whoa! I didn’t know chickens could get that big!” when you wear your exclusive Inflatable Chicken Adult Costume! The bodysuit is made of durable polyester windbreaker fabric and inflates to give you that perfect fluffy chicken shape. A fan installed behind the right hip will keep you inflated while you cluck around. Elastic bands at the ankles keep you airtight while the yellow inflatable chicken claws hide your human feet. A mesh-covered clear port in the chicken’s neck just underneath the beak and wattle detail lets you see where you’re waddling. Too Good to EatYour costume is so cleverly detailed, it might make chicken lovers feel a wee bit peckish. Hopefully they understand that it’s still you under your costume and get a fast food sandwich instead!

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