Inflatable Adult Poké Ball Costume

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Gotta Catch ’em All!You won’t have to throw yourself at anyone because they’ll all come to you when you wear this Inflatable Adult Poké Ball Costume. You also won’t have to choose just one person to be in a couples costume with, because you’ll match everyone who dresses up as a Pokémon! No one can accuse you of playing favorites when you’re clearly THEIR favorite. And, for you introverts out there, this is the perfect costume for making sure people keep their distance. Win-win!Product DetailsDo you get hot in costumes? Do you hate when they’re clingy and show every wrinkle, fold, and crease? Do you just hate it when people get too close to you in their costumes? Then this Inflatable Adult Poké Ball is the costume for you! A battery-powered motor inflates the ball with moving air, which keeps you cool and protected at the same time. Since it’s inflatable, there’s no extra bulk, either. It’s lightweight and easy to get on and off. You can’t go wrong if you choose this as your outfit for the night.A Wild Pokémon Has Appeared!Tame the crowd with this Inflatable Adult Poké Ball costume! It’s lightweight and airy. You’ll automatically be in a couples costume with anyone dressed as a Pokémon, and because it’s got some girth, you won’t have to worry about accidentally being slapped with another person’s costume wings or other dramatic accessories. A battery-powered motor, which is included, is the only accessory you’ll ned to start your night of fun.

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