Inflatable Adult Skeleton Unicorn Costume

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Til butik


Sunshine and RainbowsBeing a My Little Pony fan is cool. But you’ve obviously wished you could be a MLP–in real life. And now you can–or at least, be the next best thing! This Inflatable Adult Skeleton Unicorn Costume is an homage to both the light and dark sides and gives Halloween that little flash of flair it needs to get out of its black and orange slump. The inside of this unicorn may be a simple skeleton, but the outside is still full of flair and life! Hop in, switch the on button, and you’ll be enveloped by a layer of magic you never expected.Product DetailsAre you looking for an easy Halloween costume that will still light up the room? This Inflatable Adult Skeleton Unicorn Costume is exactly what you need. A simple battery-powered fan inflates it into a friendly unicorn skeleton sporting a full rainbow mane and tail. A view port helps you see where you’re going while maintaining the magic. With the opening in the front, it’s easy to slip on and off by yourself. And when you’re done, just fold it up and store it until next time!A Little Bit of (Undead) MagicHalloween’s a cool holiday, and one this Inflatable Adult Skeleton Unicorn Costume was made for. But why limit yourself to one day of the year? Unpack it for Dia de los Muertos, your kid’s birthday party, a Pride parade, or any other event that may need a blast of fun.

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