Inflatable Adult Unicorn Bobblehead

189,00 kr.

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An Elusive, Magical Creature No one has ever seen a real, live unicorn. Only legend described what this magical being might look like…until now! Finally, many humans can say that they’ve spotted a unicorn! The size of the head is a little surprising, but otherwise it looks exactly as the fairy tales describe it. Product DetailsComplete a hilarious fantasy costume by wearing an Inflatable Unicorn Bobblehead for Adults! The oversized headpiece is made of sturdy windbreaker fabric. Once inflated by the battery-powered fan mounted at the back, it expands to look like an oversized unicorn head complete with upright ears, a multicolored mane, a spiral-detailed horn, printed facial features, and a pink snout. Its open mouth reveals a clear plastic viewing port so that you can see where you’re galloping. An inner fabric hood slides over your head to keep the large headpiece comfortably in place. Unique UnicornPut a laugh-out-loud twist on a classic fantasy costume! Your friends will love it and may even offer to help guide you through doorways.

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