Inflatable Child Avocado Costume

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You Guac! Ask a kid to eat a bowl full of squishy, slimy, pale green goop and their most likely response would be “Gross! No!” That’s totally fine. You see, as soon as they discover how truly delicious avocadoes are, you’re going to have much less guac for yourself. Instead of scooping a chipful out of the bowl whenever you want and enjoying its amazing flavor, you’lll have to start hiding your favorite snack. Hiding it won’t work, though. You’ll be doomed to share your guac forever! Product DetailsThis funny Inflatable Avocado Kid’s Costume will guac your child’s world! When fully inflated, the outfit resembles an avocado half with a dark green back and layers of lighter green and yellow on the front side. It features a roomy hole for your child’s face as well as comfortable arm and leg openings. Best of all, its large, inflated brown “pit” can be removed from the center and used for (gentle) play! Awesome AvocadoGive your little avocado lover the most hilarious costume her or she has ever seen! The outfit would be equally perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration as it is for Halloween, since both occasions are better when an avocado shows up. Actually, almost any situation would be better with an avocado on hand. No matter what, you have a delicious snack to share. You might even be able to barter a Halloween candy trade of a bite of yummy guac. (Real guac. Not this costume. Biting this costume is a bad idea.)

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