Inflatable Giraffe Adult Costume

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Larger Than LifeWe have to admit, when you said you were going “larger than life” with this year’s Halloween costume, we don’t think your pals really bought it. They thought, OK, she’ll do something with a really cool special effect or face paint. But we don’t think they took you literally. “Larger,” though, means larger, in the case of this Adult Inflatable Giraffe Costume. Once you figure out how to maneuver through the doorway of your friend’s apartment and make an entrance at their big Halloween party, we think your presence will have quite an effect.After all, you’re dressed as a giant blow-up giraffe! What could be better? Whether your friends are going for a safari or zoo group theme, or you plan to just prance about (Do giraffes prance? Saunter?)…er…clomp about on your own, loving your giraffe existence, you will feel both wild and friendly in this great costume.Product DetailsZip into this inflatable jumpsuit and transform instantly into a cute and charming giraffe. We can honestly say that this is one of the only costumes where the profile view is even cuter than the front. Luckily, this inflatable look works from all angles, thanks to its clever design. You have a battery pack and fan inside the costume, as well as a see-through panel for your face to peek through. You’re looking awesome, from your ossicones (that’s the word for a giraffe’s “horns”) to your hooves!Welcome to the ZooIf things get a bit too wild, feel free to clomp on out of the party and stroll home in a leisurely way. Giraffes don’t like too much hubbub, unless it’s related to their great costume!

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