Inflatable Godzilla VS Kong King Kong Adult Costume

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Carnegie Hall, Please Why does everyone think that King Kong only wants to swing from the Empire State Building’s spire or challenge a giant lizard with spines and fiery breath to a fight? Maybe the huge ape gets bored of swinging dragons around by the tail and patrolling the border of his island for years at a time. Maybe he comes to the big city for the same reason we do: Tourism! He might want to try a Cantonese market or a New York bagel. He might want to take a selfie next to the Great Wall or the Stock Exchange. And instead of directions to Time Square, he gets screams and helicopters flown at his head (plus that giant lizard with spines and fiery breath. Don’t forget that part). Next time he shows up, offer him a slice of Chicago-style pizza and see what happens! Product Details Strike terror into the hearts of people all over the globe in this Godzilla VS Kong Adult King Kong Inflatable Costume! The inflatable jumpsuit is printed with graphics to looke like gorilla fur and scarred muscle. The enclosed head features a mesh-covered view port in Kong’s snarling mouth so that you can (sort of) see where you’re stomping. It includes an attached battery-operated fan so that your monkey muscles don’t suddenly deflate on you. *Growls* Give us your best roar! This costume will make you the talk of the city – or at least the party you attend while wearing it. Please stay away from anyone wearing a Godzilla costume, or at the very least, please take any slugfests outside. Your host will thank you.

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