Inflatable Kids Giant Squid Costume

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Squid KidIt’s that magical time of year again. The leaves are slowly starting to change. The air is turning crisp. Pumpkin is starting to show up in everything. And your little one is deciding what to be for Halloween this year. You’re pretty sure it will be either a ninja or a unicorn. Both characters have gotten a lot of air time at your house this year, showing up in books, movies, and imaginative play. Your child sits down to dinner, this is the big moment, you can feel it in your bones. “I have decided what I want to be for Halloween this year,” your child says, with authority. “After much deliberation, I would like to dress as…a giant squid.”Wow. We…did not see that coming. But no worries, parents! Redirect and rest assured this Kids Inflatable Giant Squid Costume exists because your child is not the only one with unique Halloween tastes. Plus, giant squid are actually pretty awesome, and we wish more people chose to dress like them. At least your kiddo is original!Product DetailsThis unique costume is comprised of a bodysuit that zips up the back and inflates to create the stunning squid you see here. The look comes with battery packs and fans placed inside the costume strategically, for easy wear (well, as easy as possible when dressed as a giant squid!). You’ll need to provide AA batteries, but besides that, this cool costume pretty much speaks for itself.Giant ExpectationsWe think it’s so fun your child went for this look, and we can’t wait to see what kinds of giant fun they have this holiday. Next year, try to wipe your mind clear of expectations. Clearly, you never know what your child will be into on any given day!

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