Inflatable Kid’s Riding-A-Pteranodon Costume

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Can We Keep It? Hey everybody! Look what we found at the animal shelter! We know, we know, we said that we were going to find a nice, small kitten, but wait till you see how friendly this guy is! He’s mostly house-trained (except for gnawing on sofas like they’re chew toys), doesn’t make any messes (unless you count all the accidents he causes when people catch sight of it in public) and is much more fun than taking the bus! So can we keep it? We’ll change its newspapers and everything! Product DetailsThe sky’s the limit in this Inflatable Riding-A-Pteranodon Costume for Kids! The inflatable outfit is made of sturdy fabric and has an attached fan mounted on the back. It’s shaped like the famous beaked dino, complete with outspread wings and a red horn. Step into it like you’re putting on a pair of pants and fasten the drawstring around your waist. A pair of fake legs is sewn to the costume to look like you’re riding on top. A pair of reins is attached to the neck. The Best Pet on the Block Dogs, cats, hamsters, and even the occasional snake are lots of fun, but who do you know that has a flying dinosaur for a pet? Imagine what you can do with your new steed. One of the best things of all is making people do double-takes when they watch you walk by. Not even other trick or treaters will be able to believe their eyes!

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