Inflatable Minion Adult Costume

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Yellow, but Not MellowBeing staid and wise is definitely not the norm for minions. These frenetic and wild creatures tend to go with the flow, often creating little pockets of chaos in the otherwise orderly world that they traverse. That is what this costume offers to you.Imagine having the freedom to be as whacky as you like. With all the free spirit of a child and the popular appeal of the minion look, you will be well on your way to achieving the timeless goal of true freedom.Product DetailsBeing a little yellow thing with one huge eye should be pretty high on anyone’s dream sheet of activities and, luckily, this Adult Inflatable Minion Costume will let you live that fantasy out in style. This inflatable costume comes with an attached air blower that will fill the volume of the costume with comfortable, cooling air. You won’t have to pretend to be like a minion much in this costume, since everyone will recognize you and call you by your minion name all day! There are a surprising number of people who can speak decent Minionish. he oversized torso with its film-accurate overalls and large eye are sure to impress any minion fan out there! Even Gru couldn’t say no to wearing this awesome costume!Eye on the PrizeIf you are looking for the perfectly short and yellow way to impress your friends, then this Adult Inflatable Minion Costume is for you! You only have to provide the chipper and silly spirit of a minion and the costume will do the rest!

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