Inflatable Moon Adult Costume

314,00 kr.

Til butik


Astronomically AwesomeA mysterious object rises in the night sky. What could it be? How did it get there? What does it do? Can it turn people into werewolves or send them slightly batty? Can cows really jump over it? Since the dawn of time, cultures everywhere have made up incredible stories for how the moon came to be, and what it does. But now, the moon has decided to come down to Earth and settle the questions once and for all. Product DetailsPeople will go crazy for your exclusive Inflatable Adult Moon Costume! The bodysuit zips up the back and is made of sturdy gray polyester windbreaker fabric that’s printed with lunar “craters” and other fun details. A fan is installed at the back of the right hip: When activated, it inflates the costume into a spherical shape. The fan runs on a battery pack that can be clipped to your clothing. Elastic in the neck, arm, and leg openings help to keep the air inside so that your costume stays inflated while you wear it. Moon MadnessHouston, we have an object out of orbit! This costume is ideal for Halloween, theatrical performances, and so much more. Despite looking incredibly realistic, this particular moon can’t control the tides. That’s a good thing, since you’d hate to flood any parties you attend. Feel free to test out any of the other lunar theories you’ve heard, such as whether you can summon werewolves. That would be a pretty fantastic skill to have, as long as they aren’t hungry for green cheese.

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