Inflatable Moon Costume for Kids

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Moon KidsSome kids are full of surprises. You ask some children what costume they want to wear and they’ll give you a pretty standard answer, like their favorite superhero or maybe a “pirate.” Those are all fine choices-nothing wrong with them at all. But your child? They like to break expectations and throw some serious curveballs. When you ask them what they’d like to dress up as, they proudly proclaim “THE MOON!” and now you have the strange mission of tracking down a costume of the moon. Well, we think that all of those curveball kids are awesome and we want to help them realize their strange astronomical dreams!It just so happens that we have this Inflatable Moon Costume for kids. It’s designed to look just like Earth’s iconic satellite and it’s a great choice for any astronomer-in-training.Design & DetailsIf your child wants the moon, then you’ve come to the right place! This simple costume is an easy way for any child to turn into the moon. The costume is made out of an airtight fabric that has the surface of the moon printed on the exterior. The suit has an attached fan inside of it. With the simple flip of a switch, the fan will inflate the costume into a sphere in moments! Just leave the switch on to keep the costume inflated while they wear it! The suit comes with openings for your child’s head, arms, and legs. Your child can wear their normal clothes underneath, making this a quick and easy costume to change into.Astronomy 101Your child can wear this costume for Halloween, but it works great for astronomy presentations in class. Just imagine the extra credit your child will earn when they give a report on the moon… while being dressed up as the moon!

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