Inflatable Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

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Boogie BummerYou’ve wanted to dress as Oogie Boogie for some time now. Unfortunately, planning the costume has been nothing but a nightmare. Becoming the giant bag of bugs is difficult. There are a few crucial things to consider: costume construction, shape, and filling being the very top of the list. But, while you love the character’s natural aesthetic, you’re not convinced you’d be safe from the chilly October air wrapped in burlap. Getting the right overstuffed bag shape isn’t simple either. You’ve played around with stuffing your pant legs and shirt, but you don’t want your costume to be confused for an off-color ice cream cone. And, as much as you enjoy how utterly creepy Oogie Boogie is because of them, you don’t love the idea of letting unknown masses of bugs provide the entirely gross undulating movement of Oogie Boogie’s insides.Product DescriptionPut your costume planning stress to rest with this Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Inflatable Costume! The inflatable jumpsuit is the answer to all your Oogie Boogie concerns. Made with a nylon material featuring a printed burlap texture, you’ll be protected from any howling Halloween winds without losing the organic look you love. A fan takes care of the shape and filling to give Oogie Boogie life. You’ll achieve the rotund figure and maintain it without worrying about supplying, correctly positioning, or adjusting your own padding. Meanwhile, that blowing fan also gives the costume the subtle movement in place of Oogie’s creepy-crawly insides. And the sculpted face on this costume guarantees you’ll still be a thing of terror. Simply zip into the officially licensed suit, and all your costume nightmares give way to costume party dreams!Living NightmareBring Oogie Boogie to life the easy way with this Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Inflatable Costume! Whether you’re teaming up with Jack and Sally, or your kiddos are dressing as Boogie’s Boys, this simple suit lets you transform into the bag of bugs that puts the nightmare in Nightmare Before Christmas.

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