Inflatable Patrick Star Adult Costume

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Something About PatrickIt’s hard not to love Patrick Star. He has so many positive character traits. For instance, Patrick is a minimalist. We’ve all seen under that rock of his. There is barely anything under there, and what is there is made of sand! The writers of SpongeBob SquarePants deserve a medal for taking the essential character traits of a starfish and giving them to Patrick. If you want to do your best starfish rendition, you must check out this Inflatable Patrick Star Costume for Adults.Another great thing about Patrick that we can’t get enough of is his lovability. The dude could accidentally burn your kitchen down, and you would probably hug him. There is simply something special about Patrick that we couldn’t possibly sum up promptly. While we work on that, if you are looking for an officially licensed inflatable costume, get from under that rock and give our Inflatable Patrick Star Costume for Adults a try.Product DetailsThe officially licensed Inflatable Patrick Star Costume for Adults depicts a puffy Patrick dressed in his classic green and purple swim trunks, ready for action. SpongeBob fans will love the attention to detail, like the little pink specs, and you have to get a (swim) kick when from his large endearing smile. Emulate the best starfish ever and pop on this Inflatable Patrick Star Costume for Adults.

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