Inflatable Peeled Banana Adult Costume

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Nature’s Perfect Snack When you’re feeling a little peckish, the first thing you think about is a delicious, nutritious treat to fill that hole inside you – but not just any treat. Ideally, it would have to be portable with its own tightly-sealed packaging to keep it from spilling all over before you’re ready to dig in. It would also be nice if the snack had a ton of potassium and was sweet without being seriously sugary. Does such a perfect food exist??Product DetailsIf you’re looking for a truly unique and totally awesome costume, we’re pretty sure that this Inflatable Peeled Banana Costume for Adults will be very a-peel-ing to you! (Sorry.) The one-piece costume fastens securely up the back to keep all of the air inside. When fully inflated, it looks like a person-sized banana that’s had the top third of its yellow peel flipped down over the arm holes. The “peeled” part of the banana has a hole for your face to poke through. Monkey BusinessIt’s bananas how much fun you’ll have in your fruit-inspired costume this Halloween! The outfit is big enough to make a stellar impact, but gives you enough movement to party hard with the rest of your friends. Go all out in celebration of one of your favorite snacks, and blame all of your shenanigans on the fact that things are bound to get a little crazy when a banana is around. You might attract a lot of monkeys, but that just adds to the excitement.

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