Inflatable Pick Me Up Zombie Hunter Adult Costume

377,00 kr.

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Two-In-One FunWhenever it is time to go on a Zombie Run, you have to make a really difficult decision. Will you be a Hunter, armed to the teeth with bats, swords, and Repel-o-Corpse Spray? Or will you join the Legion of the Green and go on a totally different kind of hunting spree? They both sound like a lot of fun, but who can really choose!? (Letting the organizer decide is an option, but who wants to do that!?) If only you could play both parts and max out your participation!Fun Details Now is your chance to be Hunter and Prey (and visa versa, too). Climb into this Inflatable Pick Me Up Zombie Hunter costume and you’ll become both sides of the circle of undeath. This is a jumpsuit with elastic at the ankles and wrists. The jumpsuit is all designed to look like a Zombie Hunter geared up for adventure. When you flip on the fan, the costume inflates and your arms become the Hunters while your head belongs to the Zombie! Deck yourself out with face paint and a mottled wig and you’ll be able to scream “Braaaains!” with the rest of them.

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