Inflatable Pickle Adult Costume

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A Zesty Snack Welcome to the picnic! But wait – this isn’t the scene of merriment and fun that we’re used to thinking of when we think of picnics. Where’s the laughter? The giant paper plates stacked full of food? The pickles? Oh, that’s it. Someone forgot the pickles, so everyone’s appetites are ruined and all of the enthusiasm is gone. You can’t plan a proper party without the perfect pickes! We might as well just call the whole thing off. Product DetailsYour friends will relish seeing you in this Inflatable Pickle Costume for Adults! The unisex outfit fastens up the back and is made of sturdy green material that’s printed with pickle contours and bumps. When fully inflated, the costume resembles an enormous pickle with rounded ends and a slightly thinner midsection. A hole for your face allows you to see where you’re going, and the armholes are sewn with elastic. The legs stick out the bottom to let you move around with comparative ease (for a giant, walking pickle, anyway). A Mouthwatering Treat Everyone loves pickles, so it’s safe to say that your costume will be a huge hit with young and old alike! Just a quick disclaimer: if you have a really dedicated pickle lover in your group of friends, they may be hard to convince that you are only wearing a costume pickle, not a giant, delicious, crunchy, briny former cucumber. If they start chasing you around the party begging for “just one cornichon!” it’s up to you to figure out your escape.

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