Inflatable Piggy Costume for Adults

283,00 kr.

Til butik


With A Huff and a Puff…Some costumes are scary. Others try to be funny but sometimes miss the mark or need to be explained. Get right to the point with this Inflatable Piggy Costume for Adults! Even the grinchiest Halloweener will smile when they see you come through the door (or try to, anyway.) No accessories or explanations needed–you’re everyone’s favorite farm animal! With no pieces to lose, you’ll be set for fun all night. Wear your comfiest jammies underneath–nobody will know. You can even carry your purse, bag, or pockets full of snacks without the other partygoers knowing.Product DetailsThis Inflatable Piggy Costume for Adults is a one piece wonder! No need to find matching accessories or keep track of them through the night. There will be no worries about what to wear underneath if the weather changes. You won’t even be digging through a bin next Halloween to find it, because who could miss a big pile of pink? Just jump in and close up the back. Hit the “on” switch and you’re off and running. The polyester windbreak fabric is comfortable and lightweight. The battery pack fastens to your clothes. It takes 4 AA batteries (not included), so pack spares. You’ll love how breezy things feel.Where’s the Bacon?Go in on a group costume, pay homage to Wilbur, or just support the farmers. Your biggest job will be to decide if you’re repping a specific pink piggy or just going generic. Start practicing your oinks now.

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