Inflatable Riding A Fire Dragon Child Costume

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Are You Riding the Dragon to School Today? If anyone is passing out magical gifts, we’ll take a pet dragon, please! A dragon would be an amazing upgrade from your standard pup. It could keep your fingers warm on frosty days with just a puff of its smoky breath. Plus, you could ride it as easily as riding the bus! Planes and helicopters are cool, but they don’t let you trail your fingers through the clouds as you loop-the-loop across the sky. Product DetailsSoar an adventure of a lifetime when you wear your Inflatable Riding a Fire Dragon Costume for Children! The creative outfit is made of durable, one hundred percent polyester windbreaker fabric. Step into the dragon’s front legs as though putting on a pair of pants, and secure the drawstring waistband around your middle to keep everything securely in place. A battery-operated fan is mounted at the back of your left hip. When inflated, the costume looks just like a mighty dragon, wings raised in flight, with thick legs and a tail. Inflated human “legs” drape over either side of the dragon’s front haunches so that you look as though you’re perched on top of your fantastical friend’s back. The dragon has a red “hide” dotted with dark red spots, a yellow underbelly, gold-tone horns, and blue detailing on each wing. A Legend Is BornAchieve mythological status when you show up to a costume party or school event wearing this awesome costume! Best of all, this dragon won’t break any fire safety laws – you can take him anywhere.

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